WASHINGTON: ICMA-RC begins a year-long RealizeRetirement Adventure tour to communities around the country to promote and encourage retirement savings to public sector employees.
An innovative and immersive mobile escape room, the ICMA-RC RealizeRetirement Adventure, is believed to be the first of its kind dedicated to improving public sector employees' retirement outcomes.

The mobile escape room, the second in ICMA-RC's RealizeRetirement Tour series, was created following the dramatic success of the first mobile tour. More than 20,000 public sector employees in 200 locations in 22 states visited the first mobile tour and 47 percent of them said they expected to become more engaged in retirement savings. Plan sponsors reported a 10 percent increase in 457 retirement plan enrollment after the RealizeRetirement truck visited. For more details, see RealizeRetirement Tour Results.

"The results of the initial RealizeRetirement Tour dramatically exceeded our goals so we are building on that success with a new interactive and innovative technology-driven experience," said ICMA-RC President and CEO, Bob Schultze. "The RealizeRetirement Adventure uses industry-leading strategies in marketing engagement to directly benefit public sector employees and shows that saving for retirement is not only important, but can be fun too."

The RealizeRetirement Adventure features experiential marketing, along with insight gained from the initial tour, to create an immersive, interactive experience. A team has seven minutes to solve an escape game. In the scenario, participants assume the role of recently retired public sector employees who are taking a dream vacation through the Colorado Rockies on a train that loses its conductor. To slow down the train and keep their trip on track, participants must find clues and solve puzzles focused on finances and retirement savings. Following their adventure, participants receive education explaining the clues and their relationship to retirement planning. They also receive tools to help them engage with their retirement plan. Local ICMA-RC representatives are on site at each location to help public sector employees enroll into their employer-sponsored retirement plans, answer questions, and discuss ICMA-RC's educational resources.

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