ATLANTA: Oct. 9th through the 13th is National Fire Prevention Week - a time to spotlight ways to prevent in-home fires and develop an escape plan should a fire occur.
According to the Electrical Safety Foundation, in-home electrical issues are the third leading cause of home fires nationwide, with more than 50,000 fires attributed to electrical issues each year.

Georgia Power offers the following electrical safety tips during National Fire Prevention Week and year-round:
•Focus on Fire Prevention - Avoid storing combustibles such as paint, cardboard, sawdust and flammable liquids near electrical equipment or fuse boxes.
•Overloads - Overloaded equipment and circuits can cause insulation to burn, create sparks and leave exposed wires. Don't overload electrical equipment by attempting to do heavier jobs than the equipment can handle.
â—¦Check out Georgia Power's new public service announcement, available in both English and Spanish, highlighting the common electrical dangers customers face in their homes.
•Repair Equipment - Shut off all electrical equipment that produces odd sounds, odd smells or sparks and have it checked by a qualified technician. Tag and remove hard-wired equipment from service so that it cannot be accidentally energized while it is being repaired or replaced.
•Extinguishers - Know where the nearest fire extinguishers are and how to use them. Only Class C extinguishers are safe to use on energized electrical equipment.

Safety is a core value for Georgia Power with the company's signature community electrical safety program, PowerTOWN, marking its 25th anniversary this year. The safety education program, which has engaged nearly 4.6 million participants in presentations statewide, uses a model to demonstrate real-life safety scenarios, involving electricity, such as downed powerlines and more.

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