LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill: Sysmex America, Inc. announced today that as part of its initiative to offer cutting-edge clinical laboratory products, the introduction of CyFlow Antibodies; a comprehensive portfolio of Analyte Specific Reagent (ASR) antibodies for use in flow cytometry applications.
The Sysmex ASR portfolio boasts monoclonal antibodies with high MFI (Mean Fluorescent Intensity) and dependable lot to lot consistency. The ASR antibody product launch marks Sysmex's entrance into the clinical flow cytometry market. The CyFlow antibodies are backed by Sysmex Applications and Support, known and well-respected throughout the clinical laboratory industry.

As flow cytometers are open systems, the new portfolio of Sysmex ASRs can be used on any flow cytometer platform. This flexibility allows pathology laboratories to use the clone with the highest quality, regardless of supplier, for their Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs).

ASR Product Benefits, Features
•ASR portfolio is equipped with core flow cytometry markers and "gating" analytes which are common in clinical flow cytometry applications.
•ASR antibodies include a unique QR code that will identify and automatically upload reagent demographics to Sysmex instrumentation, when applicable.
•High Quality: ASR products feature High Stain Index and Median Fluorescent Intensity (MFI), which allows for better separation of positive and negative populations.
•Unique Selection: While Sysmex offers many ASR antibodies from the common clones (cell lines) used in clinical flow cytometry, Sysmex now offers clones that have been previously unavailable in North America.

"The new ASR reagent portfolio represents the first step for Sysmex into routine Clinical Flow Cytometry," said Lew McAllan, Senior Director of Clinical Flow Cytometry. "These high-quality reagents are developed under cGMP guidelines and are used in immunophenotyping. Clinical flow cytometry is a natural progression from Sysmex's strength in hematology. With additional sample preparation and analysis products to follow, Sysmex will be well positioned to offer our customers extended hematology analysis capability. The ASRs are just the start."

With the initial offering of 79 ASR reagents, the portfolio will be geared towards core and gating markers prevalent in the flow cytometry community. In the upcoming months, more esoteric markers and fluorochromes will be available to support 10 color flow cytometry applications. For the last 20 years, clinical flow cytometry has been looked upon as hematology's next step as it can offer an answer to the question of "why" a CBC might be abnormal. Beginning in Fall 2017, Sysmex will be one step closer to a full hematopathology solution.

(Posted on 14 October 2017, 1675922994 3O93O74O25)