SALT LAKE CITY: In an election held on September 20, 2017, C.R. England's Chicago Intermodal drivers voted to decertify Teamsters Local 705 as their bargaining representative after a short period of representation.

During the decertification campaign, C.R. England's primary message focused on the benefit to drivers of having a direct relationship with C.R. England leadership to most effectively meet their workplace needs. "We are pleased by this decision by our drivers to decertify," said Zach England, Chief Operating Officer. "This vote allows the company to work directly with drivers regarding their individual needs as opposed to working through a third party that often doesn't concern itself with individual drivers or their circumstances. C.R. England drivers are critical to our company success and we appreciate their endorsement of an ongoing relationship fostered through mutual respect."

This group of Intermodal drivers comprised less than 1% of the company's employees and was the only fleet in the 97-year history of C.R. England to have voted for union representation. With this decertification, none of C.R. England's more than 8,000 employees are represented by a union.

(Posted on 14 October 2017, 1675361092 3O237O29O69)