IRVINE, Calif: 5 Bars Communities, a dba of XG Communities LLC, a premier provider of wireless plans, asset marketing, and engineering services for cities and municipalities across the United States, announced an agreement to market and manage wireless coverage solutions with the City of Lake Forest.
Under the agreement, 5 Bars Communities will begin marketing the City's assets for small cell deployment. This effort will enhance the ability for Lake Forest to deploy wireless connectivity throughout the city.

As wireless carriers densify existing networks, it is estimated that the industry will deploy hundreds of thousands of small cells, making it increasingly difficult for cities to manage the application and deployment process. In collaboration with the carriers, 5 Bars will streamline applications with a predictable process, while preserving City aesthetics.

The City of Lake Forest partnered with 5 Bars in order to increase connectivity for businesses and residents while maintaining local control. The solution will be the foundation to deploy Smart City infrastructure, enhance business investment, and improve city services.

(Posted on 13 October 2017, 1695502599 3O214O184O223)