LOS ANGELES: Entrepreneurs and growing companies have a unique opportunity to meet leaders and experts in global growth, brand elevation and social good on October 19 at the NeueHouse in Hollywood.
Chris Silberman, Managing Director of ICM Partners; Judy Wade, Co-Head of the Fast Growth Tech Practice at McKinsey and Company; and Elizabeth Gore, DELL's Entrepreneur in Residence highlight speakers for the fifth E3: Entrepreneurship Export Exchange conference.

The event also includes special access to former top-level government advisers, diplomats and dozens of international trade representatives — making it a unique opportunity for businesses to kickstart international growth strategies.

The event at the historic NeueHouse will be the fifth conference in the E3 series after recent events at the Madrid Chamber of Commerce in Spain; at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, Enterprise Ireland in Dublin, and the Reagan International Trade Center in Washington, D.C.

Attendees in Los Angeles will hear the latest insights into growing globally — but at an event that is customized to create one-on-one and networking opportunities.

Two former advisors to President Barack Obama created E3 to connect businesses and entrepreneurs with the resources they need to grow globally and navigate uncertainty. Brett Bruen is a veteran diplomat and former Director of Global Engagement for President Obama. Johanna Maska served as Obama's Director of Press Advance, helping craft the president's image on a global stage.

E3 bridges the gap for businesses lacking contacts or perspective for global growth. It stands out from other trade expos and conferences by design — E3 events are tailored with intimate and in-depth opportunities to engage in mind. This means getting specific questions answered and making personal connections that help fuel growth.

The event series recently closed its conference of 2017 in Madrid where former HBO Executive and President Obama's U.S. Ambassador to Spain James Costos addressed global uncertainty.

"I can understand the frustration with the ability to influence smart policy we need right now," Amb. Costos said. "But that's why I argue it's more important ever to encourage the global expansion of business."

For more information, including how to purchase tickets: e3conferences.com/los-angeles. Early adapter tickets available until Oct. 12.

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