CHICAGO: Silk'n, a global leader in aesthetic devices designed for home use, is bringing innovative technology to the beauty aisle with its breakthrough anti-aging device, Titan by Silk'n.
Titan is the first and only device to bring together three forms of energy that provides professional-level treatment for at-home use.

Titan by Silk'n works from the inside out to activate the body's natural restoration process, and reveals remarkably younger looking skin on the face and neck. It has been clinically tested and is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration to tighten facial skin.

"We are seeing women and men looking for products to enhance their beauty without covering up or undergoing invasive procedures, such as injections or surgery," said Michael Bank, president of Home Skinovations, North America. "Our latest innovation, Titan by Silk'n, is the most advanced way to tighten and lift the skin safely and in the comfort of your own home, putting the power in women and men's hands to uncover their personal authentic beauty."

Innovative Technology
Titan was developed by an electro physicist and uses the same technology offered by leading dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. The innovative technology provides the most advanced, non-invasive way to tighten skin, and works by harmonizing three forms of energy to reduce wrinkles and repair collagen and elastin fibers. This is the first time these energies have been combined for at-home use.
•Infrared Energy: Increases blood circulation to improve skin tone and texture
•LED Light Energy: Grows new collagen reducing fine lines and wrinkles
•RF Energy: Goes deep beneath the skin to contract connective tissue, remodel collagen and strengthen elastin to lift and tighten sagging skin

Titan technology penetrates the skin, seeks out the damaged tissue and repairs it. The device stimulates the skin's renewing properties through heat, and collagen and elastin fibers contract - allowing the skin to repair itself from the inside out.

(Posted on 11 October 2017, 1669949085 44O200O169O3)