DALLAS: ChemicalInfo, providers of the most comprehensive online databases for chemical and pharmaceutical companies and those who do business with them, announces new Proof of Manufacturing (POM) Guarantee for its Directory of World Chemical Producers (DWCP) subscribers.
Clients have access to a POM filter that when selected, further narrows search results of company listings to only show those that have validated POM certificates such as ISO, GMP, Halal, Kosher, FDA, EDQM, REACH or Central Excise featured on the company listing.

If a company is displayed when applying the POM filter that a subscriber believes is not a manufacturer or later finds evidence that the company is not a manufacturer; the subscriber is asked to click the Submit a Research Request button on that company's profile page and provide details explaining this conclusion to our Research team.

The ChemicalInfo Research Team will follow-up with the company in question. If a valid Proof of Manufacturing or other evidence of the company's manufacturing capability cannot be found within 15 business days, the subscriber account will receive a credit worth the value of one individual user's month of membership on the next renewal year.

"Earlier in the year we conducted our annual subscriber survey. It was clear that our clients face an extreme level of difficulty in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry when trying to source chemicals and raw materials. We believe it's our job to make that process easier," said ChemicalInfo CEO, Ernie Cote.

"Our Research and Data team launched an initiative earlier in the year focused on POM certificate collection and verification as a direct result of the feedback from our survey. We decided to go the extra mile and instill trust with our subscribers that when a company is listed as a verified manufacturer that information is accurate," said Ernie Cote.

(Posted on 10 October 2017, 1675362146 3O237O29O69)