NEW DELHI: The negative impacts of commercialization and globalization are finally settling down. At the turn of this century, everything was turning into numbers. For instance, they were measuring up the success of an individual based on the wealth that he has made in his life.
The number of zeroes in the salaries was deciding the calibers of various successful personalities of society. Now we are all poised to touch the last quarter of the second decade of 21st century and things are changing drastically. Maintaining healthy Lifestyle is emerging as a soft skill for holistic wellness. CEO's and finest brains of the country are seeking an asylum in spirituality. Finer side of life is taking a front seat and acting as a driving force for many successful people.

'Highway of Hard Work' Helped Her to Find a Hot Seat to Soothe the Senses of Intellectual Audiences

Prathibha Sastry is an entrepreneur and she has seen it all in her career journey of 18 years. Ms. Sastry has a varied body of work, this includes radio jockeying and she has hosted a very popular film-based radio talk show. She also launched a film magazine called South Movie Scenes and co-founded an App called IndiaTv guide. She went on to head the Operations at Microsoft Ventures in India for next 3 years. She has also worked with startups to launch Digital Desh which saw her lead a team of four, on a journey by road, along the length of India, covering 24 cities and towns in a period of 30 days. Currently, she is involved in building the 'Hardware Innovation Ecosystem' in India through the platform Innofest (an iSPIRT initiative) which she leads. She is also an advisor at emPower program for Zone startups which is a Canadian government initiative.

Adding Functionality to Human Life

'The Prathibha Sastry Show' is an essence of her journey in different 'walks of life' where she is connected to the summit of the corporate corridors and knows the realities of ground zero where people are living on the edge. As an anchor of the show, she is connecting both these worlds with great ease and helping the great Indian middle-class to develop a new ideology of life, which can be considered as an 'optimum life for best of all worlds.'

Explore the 'Eight Spokes of Modern Life Cycle' with Prathibha Sastry

Her journey collided with the journey of the social engineering of the current society in the year 2016 when she decided to come up with 'The Prathibha Sastry Show.' From a distance it looks like any other lounge-based chat shows however, after watching a few minutes of any episode in this 12-minute long web series, one gets the idea that the theme of this show revolves around 'Education','Career', 'Spirituality', 'Environmental concerns', 'Recreational activities', 'Relationships', 'Wealth' and 'Health'.

Making the Hot Seat Look Super Cool

These eight different parts of life form the spokes of modern day life. During the course of this show, Prathibha Sastry as a sheet anchor of the show brings out the best of the people who sit on the Hot Seat and share their experience of life and connect contemporary issues with them. 'The Prathibha Sastry Show' defines the postscript of present day life for aspiring youngsters and 'young-at-heart achievers.' It promotes the concept of striking a balance with life on all the spheres. It presents an opportunity for an individual to improve. There are not black and white solutions on offer but a possibility to extract something from the show that is a value-addition.

The Prathibha Sastry Show

The Prathibha Sastry Show wants to accompany women on the journey of self-realization and happiness. A show that wants to help women chalk out the blueprint for their business ideas, realize their dream career, be financially independent, mentally strong, spiritually aware and break barriers in both the professional and personal spheres. The show brings together entrepreneurial, adventurous and innovative men and women in a quest to enable women to dwell deeper on the events that shape their life. An attempt to bring them into focus and enhance not just their life, but also that of those who will watch them share their stories. It takes questioning and self-examination to understand oneself - a process that is difficult, but very important, in the pursuit of self-realization and happiness. To quote Simone de Beauvoir, "Self-knowledge is no guarantee of happiness, but it is on the side of happiness and can supply the courage to fight for it."

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