LOS ANGELES: Brentwood Home has partnered with The Salvation Army and Houston Children's Charity to provide up to 1,000 mattresses for hurricane relief efforts in Texas and Florida.
"During times like this, it's important that people come together to help each other - we are inspired by the many brands and organizations around the country that have provided support in so many different ways," said Vy Nguyen, CEO, Brentwood Home. "As a company that makes mattresses, it made sense and felt right to partner with two amazing organizations working diligently to provide beds to those in need."

The Salvation Army will distribute 500 mattresses to families and individuals in Florida. Additional mattresses will go to families and children in need through Houston Children's Charity, which has a goal of providing 5,000 beds to families that have been displaced due to hurricane Harvey.

"A disaster of this magnitude becomes a national concern," said Lt. Colonel Kyle Smith Divisional Commander of The Salvation Army in Southern California. "With the help of friends like Brentwood Home, Salvation Army assistance centers at ground zero will be providing tangible assistance to so many who were flooded out of their homes."

"These mattresses will help our team reach our goal of 5,000 mattresses for families in the Houston area," said Houston Children's Charity CEO, Laura Ward.

"Besides our one-for-one donation, customers can to contribute to The Salvation Army and Houston Children's Charity through the links on our site," said Nguyen. "Every little bit helps to get people back on their feet."

(Posted on 10 October 2017, 1675185010 18O232O179O5)