ESTILISTA EN MANHATTAN: A Hair Extension Empire In The Big Apple
MIAMI: New York stylist and entrepreneur Christina Oliva lands at Discovery Familia with ESTILISTA EN MANHATTAN, a new series that follows Christina and her family as they face the challenges of running a hair extensions business in the Big Apple. ESTILISTA EN MANHATTAN will air on Tuesdays at 10pm E/P starting October 17th.
18-year-old Christina opened a hair salon in her home garage in Staten Island, and with a natural talent and unparalleled technique, she grew her clientele and moved to a new location. Her business continued to expand and now she runs another salon in the heart of Manhattan and has managed to turn her small company into a solid family business.

The six-episode series follows Christina and her Italian-American family as they face the challenges of running an expanding business. The delicate balance between personal and business life, financial worries, and employee conflicts will be some of the recurring themes. But the arrival of each new client reveals an exciting life story that ends with a surprising makeover.

Twins who want a new look to differentiate themselves, a mother undergoing chemotherapy hoping to recover her hair, and a transgender woman who believes extensions will give her more confidence, are some of the clients who visit Christina in her salon. This expert not only does incredible makeovers, but also helps people change the way they see themselves while boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

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