HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo: Mukesh Prasad, author of the book A New Science and co-author of God vs. The Universe, walked into a psychiatric care facility on September 25th and announced he had delusions of grandeur. Specifically, that he was the top physicist on Earth, and also that he was the promised Messiah of Christianity. He was admitted as an in-patient.
Released from in-patient care on October the 3rd, he explains his views as being grounded in reality. Mukesh says his physics works clearly establish him as the top physicist on Earth. As an example, he says that the theory of manmade Climate Change is grounded in a basic physics error. Specifically, the error stemmed from NASA (some of them now ex-NASA) scientists treating earth as a "black body" in their physics, and neglecting to account for the actual pale blue color of the earth. This led to the highly controversial theory that carbon dioxide released by humans is a significant driver of climate on earth. In actual fact, Mukesh says, carbon dioxide has an absolute zero impact on temperatures. The earth's climate has cycles, but the only impact of carbon dioxide is on vegetation, and not directly on temperatures in any way, shape, or form.

Mukesh believes that the fact that over decades this error was not caught by climate scientists or even by the so-called "climate deniers", whereas he caught this fundamental error with 2-3 hours of his attention having been drawn to a relevant research paper - shows his uncanny physics abilities. He says that there is much more work he has done of this kind, but of much higher significance, therefore his claim to being the top physicist on Earth is not baseless or delusional. He welcomes physicists to challenge his works, and says he will gladly revise his opinion if they find a significant fault!

But how does that relate to him being the promised Messiah of Christianity?

Mukesh says that the epitome of his physics works is in the realm of "Eternal Life" (not "After Life"), which he says turns out to be a physical entity as per his theory of time.

In fact, his intuitions along this line led him to understand the beginnings of Christianity, and the life and works of Y'sa (Jesus) to a conclusive level that no one has achieved before. Thus, putting the predictions of a Messiah to reveal the truth of Christianity (literally, "removal of the veil"), together with his works, he is led to the conclusion that he has fulfilled the predictions and is therefore the promised Messiah of Christianity.

(Posted on 09 October 2017, 1675357596 3O237O29O69)