HONG KONG: Heroes Evolved launched several months ago, and is still going strong thanks to its streamlined approach to the tried and true MOBA formula.
With over 7 million downloads, a yearly organized championship with compelling prize pools, worldwide servers, & more, Heroes Evolved has carved itself a nice slice of the MOBA-genre pie.

Though most popular MOBA titles have a character similar in appearance to world famous Bruce Lee, only one such game has the real thing. R2Games is announcing an exclusive partnership with Bruce Lee, LLC (owned and operated by Bruce Lee's daughter, Shannon Lee) to bring the legendary Kung-Fu Master to Heroes Evolved as a playable character.

Heroes Evolved is a 5v5 online arena game, in which players assume the role of a powerful hero, and work together as a team to destroy the opposing base. Gameplay is fast paced, tactical, and above all - very fun. It appeals to both casual and more hardcore gamers, offering multiple modes with a focus ranging from serious tournaments, to all out just-for-laughs brawls.

"We are very proud to be the first to officially bring Bruce Lee to the world of MOBA games. We're long-time fans and can't wait to pit all our other heroes against the world renowned Bruce Lee!" - Yumin WANG, R2Games Global Publishing Director

For those that don't know who Bruce Lee is, he stands among some of the most iconic people of our time. As an accomplished actor, director, martial artist, and philosopher, Bruce Lee paved the way for positive reception of Asian actors in American cinema, and will always be remembered as a true Hero.

Bruce Lee represents the first in what R2Games intends to be a series of recognizable playable characters from other properties. He will be available mid-October in Heroes Evolved, with R2 hosting a number of related events to celebrate the occasion, and invite gamers from around the world to join in over on their official website, as well as in-game.

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