SAN DIEGO: Succession Link, (, the financial industry's largest online community for financial professionals who are interested in buying, selling, or merging their businesses, announced today a new pricing structure which will offer additional support and early access to new listings on the site.
Launched in 2013 by industry professionals Phillip Flakes and Nicholas Gudz, Succession Link currently has over 25,000 subscribers.

Premier Plus will provide members with phone support access for customer service issues. In addition, users will receive practice listings 7 days before premier and 14 days before basic, allowing exclusive access to new listings. The previous subscription price of $850 per year will remain in place as a premium option, however for $1999 per year users can take advantage of Premier Plus and have an early advantage.

"Our decision to create delayed access was based on several factors. A subset of the Succession Link community asked for early access. Premier Plus will give them the early advantage and allow sellers to sift through fewer messages early on to establish a meaningful connection." says Phillip Flakes, Co-Founder. "We stand by our commitment to create the tools and resources necessary to address the succession and continuity issue in the financial advice space. There are over 165,000 engagements on the platform and we are looking forward to additional enhancements near term."

(Posted on 07 October 2017, 1695512007 34O204O181O91)