Saturday, 29 Feb 2020

PickPoint Granted Authorization to Operate Certification by the Defense Health Agency

AMARILLO, Texas: PickPoint, a division of Maxor National Pharmacy Services, LLC (Maxor), was awarded Authorization to Operate certification from the Defense Health Agency (DHA) for PickPoint's IntelePharmacy Will Call System (WCS) and Remote Dispensing System (RDS).

This certification allows installation of PickPoint software on military networks, enabling military pharmacies to reduce customer wait time at pick-up and provide after-hours prescription dispensing.

"Much like the private sector, military pharmacies are looking for ways to use technology to improve medication delivery to patients, and we are proud that, through our IntelePharmacy WCS and RDS products, we can be a part of that mission," says Kevin Delaney, Vice President of PickPoint.

"Our lighted WCS dramatically improves our customers' operations by reducing labor, patient wait times, and return-to-stocks, while also improving patient safety and employee morale," adds Todd Miller, PickPoint's Government Sales Director.

"Since 2001, PickPoint's RDS system has been acting as a force multiplier by bringing the same standard of care found at the pharmacy to the point of care," said Miller. "Whether in after-hours emergency rooms, military treatment facilities, or outlying clinics, PickPoint's RDS helps to improve drug compliance and health outcomes by helping the patient leave the clinic with medications in hand."

(PRN | 2 years ago)