Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], Oct 7 : The United States has lifted a slew of long-standing economic sanctions against Sudan in recognition of its sustained positive actions.
However, Sudan will stay on the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism - alongside Iran and Syria.

According to CNN, "The move follows 16 months of diplomatic negotiations, initiated under former US President Barack Obama and continued under President Donald Trump, who signed off on the sanctions relief."

Sudan will no longer be subject to a 20-year-old US trade embargo and will have access to previously frozen assets from October 12.

The Trump administration had an initial opportunity to remove these sanctions in July, but opted instead to extend the temporary relief which were initially lifted in January.

The aforementioned decision was endeavoured at enhancing pressure on the African nation to snap ties with North Korea and therefore isolate the country diplomatically.

Officials also said they asked for and got a commitment from Sudan not to purchase arms from Pyongyang.

The Trump administration last month removed Sudan from the list of countries whose citizens are subject to travel restrictions. Sudan was the only country that was removed.

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