SANTA CLARA, Calif: Tanda, the new 'cool' when it comes to the ultimate sleep experience, launches an innovative new mattress featuring a customizable temperature regulating option at the third annual Sleep Technology Summit and Expo, October 1 - 4, hosted by Health 2.0 and the National Sleep Foundation in conjunction with the 11th Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference.
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Establishing a new level of comfort, Tanda incorporates the revolutionary new ATROS (Advanced Temperature Regulation for Optimum Sleep) technology, combined with a specially developed Opti-Breeze foam formulation to create a unique customizable sleep experience to meet individual temperature needs.

Research reveals that cooler temperatures create an optimal environment to help induce sleep. According to studies, the ideal temperature for comfortable sleep falls between 65 and 72. Based on these findings, the Tanda team brought together the top industry experts and innovators to create a breakthrough sleep experience that taps into this science of sleep for a product that is proven to work. ATROS pulls the cool air from the room and transfers it directly to the body to achieve optimum temperature for a restful sleep. It not only helps you fall asleep faster but also works to keep your core body temperature from climbing at night to help you stay asleep longer. The Opti-Breeze foam core also works to regulate body temperature so you do not retain heat throughout the night.

"We've created Tanda to help deliver the best sleep experience with the ideal cooling options," says Janice Yates, chief communications officer for Tanda. "We understand that not everyone interprets cool the same way. That's why we offer two different levels of cool comfort PLUS the option to combine levels in one mattress for the ultimate freedom of choice."

Unique to the marketplace, Tanda's three specially designed mattress options include:
•COMFY Cool - Comfortable and cozy with just a touch of cool, breathable comfort
•COMPLETE Cool - An all over cool sensation created by breakthrough fabric infused with ATROS technology
•COUPLES Cool - Half COMFY and half COMPLETE, for the ultimate freedom of choice so each partner can have the mattress their own way

The collection also includes pillows offered in Comfy Cool featuring breathable comfort or Complete Cool which incorporates the ATROS technology for a definitive cooling sensation. The breathable foam fill is perfect for those who like hug-ability and responsiveness while minimizing heat retention so there's always a cool side to the pillow.

The entire collection is on display at the Sleep Technology Summit & Expo where professionals in technology, medicine and nonprofit come together to discuss and learn more about key factors that impact human health. The Summit features the latest sleep and technology products to watch for in the near future.

Noted Medical Advisor Dr. Robert S. Rosenberg, Board Certified Sleep Medicine, and author of The Doctor's Guide to Sleep Solutions for Stress & Anxiety, says the key to a more restful sleep is creating the best environment. And one of the most important elements is temperature. "It has been proven that a drop in body temperature is a key signal to the body to enter sleep," he says. "The cooling technology featured in the Tanda mattress triggers that response not only helping to induce sleep, but also helping the body stay asleep throughout the night."

In addition to the ATROS technology, the mattress features:
•Tencel infused fabric - natural fibers move moisture away from the body for improved hygiene
•Opti-Breeze foam - unique formulation provides the ultimate combination of comfort and breathability
•Transitional gel foam - continues the stream of air flow for breathability
•Durable base foam - provides long lasting support without compromising comfort

Tanda will be priced starting at $550 and offered with a FREE 100-day trial, which includes FREE shipping and returns. The product is shipped in compressed packaging for easy delivery. The pillows are offered at $75 for a single and $125 for a pair.

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