Monday, 30 Mar 2020

New Book Offers Cybersecurity Solutions for Small Businesses

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C: Is your small business protected from cyber attack? If you were to get hacked, would you have the processes, insurance, and legal affairs in order to minimize the effect of the attack? For most businesses, the answer to that question is no. A new book, Cybersecurity: A Business Solution, educates small and medium businesses on how to protect themselves and prepare to survive when even the best protection fails.

Written by IT and cybersecurity expert Rob Arnold, it presents the high-tech world of cybersecurity in a way that can be learned quickly and easily by anyone and applied to any business, no matter how small.

"Cyber risk management is often thought of as a luxury afforded only by large businesses with big budgets," said Arnold, founder and CEO of Threat Sketch. "But cyber attacks can occur in any size business, and more hackers are taking advantage of small companies' complacency and vulnerabilities. I wanted to provide a simple solution to help small and medium-sized business owners take control of their cybersecurity risk management plan."

Cybersecurity: A Business Solution offers a step-by-step guide to manage your company's cybersecurity needs, written specifically for the leaders of small to medium-sized businesses. It will help you create and implement a plan that will help protect your company from cyber attack, manage the financial impact of cybersecurity, and show you how to be prepared for taking action if an attack happens. The book covers the basics of managing cash flow, insurance, public image, customer service, and legal affairs to protect the organization's business mission. The book also covers common pitfalls that lead to a false sense of security. And, to help offset the cost of higher security, it explains how you can leverage investments in cybersecurity to capture market share and realize more profits.

The publication of Cybersecurity: A Business Solution is a natural next step for Arnold. In 2015, he partnered with a financial and insurance risk expert to found Threat Sketch, a company dedicated to the development of cyber risk assessments to solve budgeting and planning problems for small and medium-sized businesses. Now the company's reach extends beyond the assessment through this informational book that illustrates how to create a holistic cybersecurity risk management plan.

Rob Arnold brings decades of experience in IT consulting and cybersecurity to help small and medium-sized businesses solve the business aspects of cybersecurity. His unique perspective as both an expert and a small-business owner helps him understand the challenges business owners face as they balance security needs against budget constraints.

(PRN | 3 years ago)