New Delhi , Oct. 6 : Dubbing the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill as 'faulty', the Congress Party on Friday said the minor changes in the tax reform would not make any difference. The GST council should review the whole implementation process that is what we expect from them. Minor changes are not going to solve the problem, Congress leader P. C. Chacko told ANI.
Chacko's statement came as the 22nd GST council meeting is currently underway.

Chacko further said the whole implementation process of the GST was inadequate. And that the Centre should be ready to face the consequences.

"Today the entire country is suffering, be it trader, farmer, exporter. The GST was supposed to bring some relief for common people. The price of not a single item of mass consumption reduced since implementation of the GST. What is the purpose of GST?" he asked.

The Congress leader also questioned as to why petroleum products have not been brought under the ambit of GST.

"If the petroleum products prices are not controlled I am sure that consumer goods are not going to be cheap. Transportation cost will increase in turn prices of every item will increase. India is suffering because of the faulty implementation," he said.

The GST council is likely to assess the improvements in the GST Network's functioning.

It may also take decision on providing some relief to exporters in terms of faster refunds as well as compliance.

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