Tippler Brands LLC Presents: Drunken Cards
NEW YORK: Right in time for Oktoberfest, Tippler Brands LLC presents Drunken Cards, the #1 Drinking Card Game.
Drunken Cards is a new and exciting drinking card game similar to Kings Cup and Ring of Fire.

The company took this classic game into the 21st century and added more cards, new rules, and that means a whole lot of drunken fun for anyone who plays it.

Unlike Kings Cup and Ring of Fire (which are played with traditional playing cards), the rules are printed right on the cards so gamers don't have to argue anymore over what the cards do. Each game comes with 100 water resistant cards, so any liquids that spilled on the cards can be wiped off with a paper towel.

(Posted on 05 October 2017, 1679532808 34O239O173O144)