EDISON, N.J: RX Depot is a company devoted to healthcare packaging solutions, including that of medical/ recreational cannabis. The Toxics in Packaging Prevention Act of January 2006 became the guiding force for the development and compliance of marijuana packaging.
RX Depot acknowledges the importance of compliance to ensure the safety of children and families across the country from accidental marijuana overdose. The company recognizes and strictly complies with industry standards, resulting in the elevation and legitimization of the cannabis industry via legal marijuana dispensaries and edible businesses.

Today, RX Depot has become the premier supplier of high-quality compliant prescription packaging materials for the health sector, with a large inventory of in-stock products such as bags, labels, vials, jars, and custom packaging.

A vape shop is in the works, adding to the already unique products and services offered by RX Depot, which includes custom logo printing, labels, and cannabis packaging.

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