Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) , October 5 : Several doctors reportedly performed a brain surgery on a 45-year-old woman by making her watch the blockbuster movie, 'Baahubali 2,' last month in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.
The patient, Vijaya Kumari, a staff nurse at a local government hospital fell ill and tripped last month in the hospital. After undergoing few medical tests, it was declared by doctors that she has been suffering from Cavernoma - a brain tumour for which doctors suggested a surgery.

The doctors decided that the patient should be conscious, when the surgery is being performed, because if anything goes wrong the patient wouldn't be able to speak further as the surgery directly effects the vocal chord.

The doctors used state of the art Intra Operative Neuro Navigation system to perform the surgery.

The laptop was placed beside the patient to maintain the mental pressure while performing the operation. The patient was also asked to sing a famous song from 'Baahubali 2' amidst the operation.

Dr. B.H. Srinivas Reddy, a neurosurgery assistant professor at the Guntur Government Hospital, with his team, was successful in removing the tumour from the patient's brain.

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