MONTREAL, Sept. 28, 2017 : The Federation du personnel de soutien scolaire (FPSS-CSQ), an affiliate of the Centrale des syndicats du Quebec (CSQ), is using National School Support Staff Day to highlight and pay tribute to the essential work accomplished by its 27,000 members who ensure that everything functions well in our schools.
"Our public education system would not be what it is without these workers who toil day after day at each level of our school system. Unfortunately, even today, too little is known or recognized of the 81 employment classes represented by the Federation. This special day aims to promote the commitment of school support staff, especially by highlighting what they do every day," explains Éric Pronovost, FPSS-CSQ President.

Postcards to the Minister of Education

Each day, the Minister of Education will receive a postcard describing one of these 81 employment classes to remind him that it is important to recognize and appreciate each one of them. This is one way to showcase every person who contributes to life in each school and centre and show appreciation for the role each support staff member plays in our school boards. When the deliveries end, he will have a collection of 81 postcards.

Workers Who Make a Difference

Our unions have taken the initiative to organize several events that will take place today throughout Quebec to mark this special day.

"Our members are right to be proud of what they do because of the difference they make in our schools and centres. We want to thank them for their professionalism and wish them an excellent National School Support Staff Day," says Éric Pronovost.

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