ATLANTA: Georgia Power is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its award-winning electrical safety education program, PowerTOWN. Since its launch in 1991, the program has presented electrical safety information to thousands of students, youth groups, emergency personnel, contractors, adult groups and other organizations across the state.
The safety education program provides a model to demonstrate real-life scenarios, involving electricity, such as downed powerlines, and explains how to stay safe in these situations. The engaging demonstrations include a certified presenter that shares electrical tips using kits designed to model a town where the scenarios involving electricity could be explained. More than 500 Georgia Power employees have been trained to present information needed to safely live and work where electricity is present.

"The PowerTOWN electrical safety program, due to engaging presentations and materials, has been extremely successful in informing thousands about the importance of electrical safety and how to respond in a variety of situations around electricity," said Anthony Farris, project manager for Georgia Power. "As part of our commitment to the community, the program continues to serve as an effective safety resource."

In addition to the in-person demonstrations, the PowerTOWN program has evolved over the years by providing materials online for students and educators to access year-round that demonstrates the safe use of electric power through a newly developed game, animated videos, coloring books, a glossary and supplemental resources. The program has also expanded by providing materials in Spanish, working with first responders and presenting at large seasonal venues such as the Georgia Mountain Fair in Hiawassee, the Georgia State Fair in Perry and the Sunbelt Agriculture Expo in Moultrie.

Georgia Power's commitment to education spans its more than 100-year history and is emphasized companywide. In addition to PowerTOWN, Georgia Power offers online resources for educators including interactive diagrams, an online energy calculator, access to power plant tours and more. Other efforts to enhance and improve education in Georgia include partnerships with groups such as Junior Achievement and assistance grants for new teachers awarded annually across the state.

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