Hair Fairies Answers Your Questions During National Head Lice Prevention Month!
LOS ANGELES: September means back to school, new friends, and new experiences. But did you know that it's also National Head Lice Prevention Month?
Why September?
Well, the combination of warm weather and heading back to school means a perfect storm for head lice to spread.

Close Quarters:
Lice need new hosts to survive and multiply. They can't spread to your blankets, sheets, or pets; they need hair-to-hair contact. Elementary schools and camps provide the perfect environment. Close quarters give the lice ample opportunity to infect children.

September weather is still relatively hot, and since lice can't survive for long periods of time in extreme temperatures, you are much more likely to find lice indoors. Extended summers - such as the one we are currently experiencing - only exacerbate the problem.

Can It Happen to Me?
Lice are often associated with a lack of cleanliness, but this is a myth! Lice can strike any family at any time, no matter how clean your house. In fact, head lice are the second highest cause of school attendance issues in the United States - between 6 and 12 million U.S. kids 3-11 years old get head lice each year!

Should I Panic? I Feel Like Maybe I Should Panic...
During this hectic time of year, a lice breakout can send frantic families scrambling for a solution. This year we have seen more instances of lice outbreaks than ever before. Luckily, you don't have to wash every sheet and towel if you discover a case of lice at home. Simply call your local lice salon for a screening and make sure to prevent any hair-to-hair contact.

How Can I Prevent Lice from Spreading?
There is a seemingly endless number of myths pertaining to lice treatments and prevention, but only one is truly useful for preventing the spread of lice. As Hair Fairies CEO Maria Botham explains to Dr. Oz, a few dabs of tea tree oil around the hair line can help ward off lice. Tea tree oil is a great tool to have in your tool belt as school begins!

Who is Hair Fairies?
With 14 locations nationwide, Hair Fairies is your one-stop shop for eliminating nits and lice. Hair Fairies uses all-natural ingredients and a patented, manual-removal method to make sure heads are clean, clear, and free of lice!

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