SANTA BARBARA, Calif: Money flow is a continuous problem for many people in the world. Master Teacher, Dale Halaway, founder of Sage Teachings That Inspire, has had amazing success sharing the Universal Laws related to energy, abundance, and attraction.
Over many years he has created a system for applying these laws to the way one views and interacts with their money. Dale returns to Santa Barbara with his acclaimed three-day "Mastery of Money" seminar, with teachings designed to reveal and remove the blockages between attendees and their finances.

Over the weekend, seminar goers will learn what money truly is and how to view it so that it flows effortlessly in their lives. Money is not the issue, it's the energy that stands behind the money of the one who holds it. Anyone can learn to become a master of their money and step into an enjoyment of making it, rather than worrying about how they will get it or keep it. In the money mastery seminar, students will learn the five money essentials, the emotional side of manifesting money, what attracts money and what repels it, and how to challenge their money programming.

"A definition of financial freedom is no longer being concerned about where money will ever come from again." - Dale Halaway

Discovering how to change subconscious money programing is crucial. Understanding what attracts money and what repels it, and seeing the emotional side of manifesting money are key. There is a reason why people sabotage money in business, and they can easily stop it once they recognize it. There is also a major component for increasing revenue in life and business that everyone should know. Mr. Halaway teaches a powerful system for clearing financial disease from life, and how to develop better money flow in any business. He reveals five powerful money disciplines that can transform lack, scarcity and poverty into prosperity.

"I did the money seminar and a week after that, I landed one of my biggest business deals for my company. I do contracting, so that's been great. I've had real life results." - Chris M.

Everyone can achieve financial freedom from within and from without...
Attendees of this three-day seminar will watch their relationship with money transform for the better rapidly.

The Mastery of Money seminar with Dale Halaway is September 29 - Oct 1, 2017 at the Healing Hub in Santa Barbara, CA.

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