DENVER: Sports Thread today introduced its social media-based, self-promotion and educational platform for the nearly eight million high school athletes in the United States. The new platform is designed to help students achieve their dreams of playing collegiate sports.
Sports Thread offers under one platform a complete approach to help high school athletes obtain a college scholarship. Features are accessible via the website or App and include:
•Messaging between college coaches and athletes
•Group messaging for teams, friends, and coaches
•Upload unlimited highlight videos
•College information including virtual reality tours, recruiting rules and financial aid information
•Multi-sport athletes can input information using a single account with features such as email templates, bulk emailing, push notifications, Twitter feeds, college wish lists
•Centralized social media feed of user activity

The Sports Thread iOS mobile App is available today for free from the Apple App store. A premium version is also available for 12 dollars a month. A mobile-responsive website supporting desktop and Android devices is available at

"Sports Thread empowers high school athletes to take control of their athletic destiny by providing them the tools to automate the process of promoting themselves to any sports program in the United States, while also helping them make educated decisions on finding the opportunity that best suits them," said Sean Leary, Founder, CEO, and former NCAA Division I college pitcher. "Just as LinkedIn has connected millions of motivated job seekers with employers, Sports Thread connects student-athletes with college coaches looking for talent."

"Sports Thread makes it happen," said Roger Craig, three-time Super Bowl champion with the San Francisco 49ers. "So many talented young athletes, especially those in the inner cities, have a tougher time getting noticed by college coaches. These kids now have a better opportunity to tell their story, showcase their skills, and take their career to the next level."

High school coaches and athletic directors are embracing Sports Thread as a digital solution that helps their athletes identify college opportunities, allowing coaches to focus more on player development and building winning prep programs.

Derrick Martin, two-time Super Bowl champion and head football coach at Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver said, "Sports Thread opens up a whole new set of opportunities for high school athletes. They can really put themselves on the radar screen of college coaches nationwide and begin to establish relationships with those coaches early in their high school years."

College coaches can quickly and easily evaluate a high school athlete's potential through their Athletic Digital Identity - personal profile - without having to pay for access or even subscribe to the platform. College coaches will also never have to search through multiple services to evaluate an athlete's information as all of their data is present in one convenient location. Using Sports Thread, coaches can evaluate players nationally without having to travel to watch the prospect, maximizing recruiting budgets.


As Facebook provides social identity for its users, Sports Thread also offers an Athletic Digital Identity - personal profile for high school athletes. Athletes input biographical information, academic records, player stats, and upload unlimited highlights or game videos.

The Thread

The Thread allows high school athletes to see what athletes competing in their same sport are doing in real-time. This incites competition between athletes and rival schools. High school athletes will see videos that athletes in their same age brackets are posting and how they are performing. This will drive athletes to want to be better, post more often and provide them and their teams a tool to monitor their competition. Most importantly, the more athletes post the more exposure they get.

Additionally, The Thread enables users to view activity nationwide from college athletes, college coaches and fans. Through these posts users can grow their own following, or "fan" group, giving them "bragging" rights. These posts provide a wide range of benefits by giving colleges exposure to high school athletes seeking a place to play, college athletes an outlet to share their daily lives, and fans a place to share their experiences.

Coaches Communication System
•Create targeted mailing lists of college coaches
•Online tools and templates to create professional letters to send to college coaches

Sports Thread Chat
•A private, coach-to-athlete, and athlete-to-coach messaging service. Users are able to initiate Sports Thread Chat through the "Contact Me" button on their Athletic Digital Identity. Sports Thread Chat also enables group messaging for high school sports teams and organizations

Resource Center
•Access to the Sports Thread's National Coaches Directory with contact information and bios
•Detailed information on every college with sports in the country including University details such as campus security statistics, admissions statistics, financial aid packages, tuition, fees, estimated expenses, programs and majors
•Streaming Twitter feeds from 55,000 college sports programs
•Access to a library of recruiting rules and information from NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA and CCCAA

Sports Thread, a purpose-driven start-up based in Denver, Colorado, offers a social media based, self-promotion, and educational platform for the nearly eight million high school athletes in the United States. Sports Thread helps all student-athletes to achieve their dreams of playing college sports, regardless of their individual skill level, socioeconomic status or geographic location.

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