Virtually Dissect Real Human Anatomy With Anatomage's Advanced Visualization Software
SAN JOSE, Calif: The Anatomage Table's latest rendering technology showcases real human anatomy on interactive 3D platforms. Users have the opportunity to visualize highly accurate human anatomy and patient data on the software's advanced platform. Many prominent educational institutions around the world utilize Anatomage's versatile anatomy visualization software.
The real anatomy available on the Table's software is created from actual human cadavers. The imaging technology works to create accurate 3D renderings by tracing anatomical structures throughout the entire body. All anatomical structures viewed on the Table's software are life-sized and both soft and hard tissues are true to color. Therefore, any anatomical landmarks, unique genetic variations, and clinical conditions can be viewed in vivid detail.

The Table's software content includes a genetic variation called a perforated xiphoid foramen. Users can visualize bony anatomical landmarks like the xiphoid process in extraordinary detail with realistic coloring.

Anatomage aspires to advance medical education by combining innovative rendering software with a high-tech touchscreen design. Additionally, the Table has been FDA cleared to assist in medical diagnosis and clinical planning.

"Anatomage strives to be the premier technology company for medical education," said Tommy Le, Director of Sales and Marketing at Anatomage. "Adopted at hundreds of institutions worldwide, the Anatomage Table provides the most accurate anatomy visualization and virtual dissection experience."

(Posted on 30 September 2017, 1675503986 44O192O38O49)