WINNIPEG: Pollard Banknote Limited (TSX: PBL) (Pollard Banknote) congratulates Veikkaus (the National Lottery of Finland) on the success of its first ever Euro20 instant ticket-100V RAHA-ARPA, celebrating Finland's 100 years of independence and featuring the shimmer and shine of Pollard Banknote's patented Spectrum Scratch FX.
Launched in November 2016, with top prizes of €1,000,000, weekly second chance draws, and nine commemorative scenes offered throughout the year, the 100 year anniversary ticket has quickly achieved remarkable success, with 10-week average sales tracking 160% higher than the Lottery's average €10 instant games. This ticket series earned Pollard Banknote the 2017 Printing Industries of America's Premier Print Awards Competition Certificate of Merit for Flexographic Printing—a competition that recognizes the highest quality printed pieces in various categories from around the world.

The game was printed with nine unique images, with each ticket paying tribute to a significant event in Finland's heritage. One design features Teemu Selanne, nicknamed "The Finnish Flash"—former professional ice hockey player, who was named one of the "100 Greatest NHL Players" in history during the 2017 All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles. Another one of the designs features Finnish born snowboarder Enni Rukajarvi, who took home gold in in the Snowboard Slopestyle event at the 2011 Winter X Games XV in Aspen, Colorado and silver in Slopestyle at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Rounding out the athletic scenes is a design featuring Hannes Kolehmainen, a Finnish four-time Olympic Gold medalist and a world record holder in middle- and long-distance running, who won three gold medals in the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm. Another set of designs commemorates the Finnish film Unknown Soldiers (1955)—set against the events of the Finnish Continuation War, the film follows a machine gun troop's journey into the Soviet Union.

"Veikkaus is celebrating Finland's 100 years of independence with our first €20 instant ticket," said Riitta Mesilaakso-Lehtola, Product Manager. "This special game has met with tremendous acceptance and success from Veikkaus' player base. The ticket design had to be exceptional and we knew that we could count on Pollard Banknote to deliver. Pollard Banknote has always provided innovative products and services that offer additional entertainment value for our player base and responsibly grow revenues for the benefit of Finnish society in its entirety."

Veikkaus operates lotto games, pools, betting games, instant games and other draw games, slot machines and toto games producing over €1 billion of lottery revenue for Finnish society each year. Veikkaus contributes its total proceeds to the State, which distributes them further to Finnish arts, sports, science, youth work, health and welfare organisations as well as equestrian sports and horse breeding. In total the Lottery has nearly 4,000 beneficiaries.

"On behalf of Pollard Banknote, we would like to thank Veikkaus for including us in their country's centenary celebration and for their years of hard work and dedication in support of benefitting Finland—culminating in the launch of Finland's 100 Year Anniversary ticket," said Michelle Annandale, Director, Sales & Marketing, Pollard Banknote. "The Lottery's innovative spirit and commitment to offering high quality, entertaining products play a significant role in its enduring success. We look forward to working with the Lottery to continue to bring some of the industry's most unique and innovative products to the Finnish market."

(Posted on 29 September 2017, 1675558484 3O236O138O35)