PRINCETON: Calling all English-language teachers and students! Imagine if you could give someone in the future a window to the past, a peek at what life is like in classrooms today. What would you share with them?
Starting September 2017 Educational Testing Service (ETS) and the TOEFL program invite you and other English-language classrooms from around the globe to participate in the fourth edition of the TOEFL Young Students Series GO English! project.

For this year's project, "Your Time Capsule. In Your Words." we ask teachers and students to work as a class to tell us what items are important to you at this moment and why you would include them in a time capsule. It could include items such as your favorite game, book, sport, school celebration, food or school subject. We encourage you to showcase your English-language skills in creating a video, radio, poster or newspaper announcement. To learn more about the project, visit and be sure to view the highlight video of last year's TOEFL Young Students Series GO English! project.

"Over 10,000 students from 31 countries participated in the 2016-17 TOEFL Young Students Series GO English! project," said David Payne, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Global Education at ETS. "We are excited to continue offering this opportunity for young learners to develop their increasingly important English-language skills."

Classrooms are welcome to submit projects for the 2017-18 campaign by January 31, 2018. Participating schools will receive a plaque, promotional items, educational materials and certificates of achievement.

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