Los Angeles [U.S.A], Sept. 28 : While the first reactions of his upcoming movie 'Blade Runner 2049' label it a 'ground breaking sequel,' director Denis Villeneuve is continuing his golden run in Hollywood as he added one more big project to his name.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Oscar-nominated director is in negotiations to direct Sony's long-embattled 'Cleopatra' movie from producers Scott Rudin and Amy Pascal.

The movie is based on the Stacy Schiff best-selling book 'Cleopatra: A Life', which paints the Egyptian ruler as a shrewd negotiator and powerful female figure that shaped human history in her short life.

David Scarpa ('The Day the Earth Stood Still') has written the screenplay.

'Cleopatra' was one of the projects that was maligned by the 2014 hacking, wherein a leaked email Rudin called then-rumored star Angelina Jolie "out of her mind" about the movie.

Many big directors have been attached, to helm the historical epic, including Ang Lee, David Fincher and James Cameron.


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