NEW YORK, Sept. 21, 2017 : After kicking off a landmark season of philanthropic activity during his Summer Charity Gala on July 20, 2017, Phil Shawe announced that the total money raised at the event eclipsed the USD 250,000 mark.
This total comprises scholarships for the law student teams participating in the Philip R. Shawe Scholarship Competition, as well as donations to four non-profit organizations that were featured beneficiaries during the gala. Shawe also announced that the gala will not mark the end of 2017's charitable efforts. Citing his desire to support victims in recent tragic events ranging from the hate crimes in Charleston, to the devastation caused by hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Caribbean, and the terrorist attack in Barcelona-Shawe announced plans to also help those impacted by these recent tragedies.

The non-profits that participated in the Summer Charity Gala represented a diverse range of noble causes including support for the arts, cancer research, the fight against human trafficking, and supporting homeless LGBTQ youth in the New York City. The beneficiary organizations were:
•The V Foundation for Cancer Research;
•Resilience Rising;
•Key West Film Festival; and
•The Ali Forney Center (in cooperation with TransPerfect Advocate)

Shawe sparked the evening's spirit of "giving back" with a personal donation of $50,000 to the V Foundation for Cancer Research. "Cancer has touched so many lives in my immediate family, my extended family, and my TransPerfect family, that I want to do everything in my power to help, and to encourage others to help, drive research forward," Shawe said. The additional funds raised for the four groups came from both Shawe and gala attendees.

Additionally, over $100,000 in scholarships were awarded to the law students who developed the best mock Supreme Court arguments overturning Delaware Chief Chancellor Andre G. Bouchard controversial decision on the TransPerfect case. Bouchard's unprecedented decision to dissolve and force the sale of a highly-profitable and rapidly-growing, privately-held company against the wishes of multiple shareholders, and against the plain language of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, spawned the scholarship competition. In a split decision, Delaware Supreme Court upheld Bouchard's decision, which was the first of its kind in United States history.

Leaders in the business and legal communities, including former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani have called Bouchard's decision "un-American." Constitutional scholar, Professor Alan Dershowitz publicly stated: "For a lawyer to advise his client to incorporate in Delaware under the present circumstances would be tantamount to business malpractice."

Professor Dershowitz delivered a passionate keynote address containing harsh words for Delaware's Chancery Court and Appellate process. He called Delaware Justice "an oxymoron" that "simply doesn't exist" and declared Delaware's Chief Justice Strine "a judicial tyrant."

Of the more than 300 people in attendance, many were those whose livelihoods has been directly threatened and whose families' healthcare has been cut by the actions of the court appointed Custodian, Robert Pincus, who has cost TransPerfect more than $25 million in court-ordered expenses during his appointment.

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