NEW YORK: Marco Polo Securities Inc., the New York-based broker dealer and securities distribution platform, today announced that Arif Habib Limited, the leading Pakistani investment and securities firm, has joined its global marketing and distribution platform.
Established in 2000, Marco Polo's platform of leading securities firms in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America provides institutional investors and sponsors with expert access to local exchange listed securities as well as locally originated private placement and M&A investment opportunities.

Shahid Ali Habib, the Chief Executive Officer of Arif Habib said: "This relationship is designed to leverage the strengths of our two firms and will allow a wider range of investors to access Arif Habib's leading research, corporate access and execution products for the Pakistani capital markets. It is an exciting enhancement of our capabilities to market an exceptional portfolio of investment and securities capabilities. We look forward to welcoming even more global investors to the Pakistani capital markets."

"We are delighted to add the superior capabilities of Arif Habib to our expanding global network of leading investment banks and securities firms. Arif Habib provides unrivalled capabilities in a market that a wider range of global investors should explore for diversification, growth and yield. We look forward to a successful partnership with the Arif Habib Group of Companies," said Peter Jardine, the Chief Executive Officer of Marco Polo Securities.

Arif Habib's brokerage operations are among the most renowned and trusted in Pakistan, assisting scores of Institutional, Corporate, High Net Worth, and retail clients.

(Posted on 28 September 2017, 1680167637 34O239O173O144)