Tehran [Iran], September 27 : Iran has strongly gone vocal about the fact that the Independence vote in Iraqi Kurdistan would trigger political chaos in the region.
"The outcome of this move is political chaos in the region," the local media reported, quoting the chief foreign policy advisor to Iran's supreme leader, Ali Akbar Velayati.

Out of the fear that Iraqi Kurds will provoke separatists among its own Kurdish population, Iran is vehemently against their independence.

Kurds in Iran's northwestern border region had held peaceful demonstrations in support of the referendum and also congratulated their Iraqi fellow Kurdish-speaking people, the local media reported.

Another worrisome fact is the close bond that Kurds and Israel share as it is the only government in the area that has been advocating all the moves of the Kurds towards statehood.

There was an enormous turnout for Monday's vote in northern Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan area.

Ironically, the conventional enemy of Iran, the United States and the United Nations both opposed the referendum, citing it as a unilateral and potentially destabilising move.

Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Guards said they were sending new missile equipment to the border to crank up the aerial defence and preparedness.


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