DALLAS: ChemicalInfo, providers of the most comprehensive online databases for chemical and pharmaceutical companies and those who do business with them, announces new Shipping Calculator available to all customers.
The Shipping Calculator is currently in beta and powered by a third-party. Current company subscribers are encouraged to test the Calculator and provide all feedback to ChemicalInfo's Technical team.

"Earlier in the year we asked our subscribers in a series of surveys what features or enhancements they would like to see within our products. Since that time we have done our research and decided to release this Shipping Calculator but only as a beta test because we want to ensure any new feature or enhancement that we include for our customers is the right solution for them," said Ernie Cote, CEO at ChemicalInfo.

"We believe it is a best practice to base roadmap decisions not just on data but also on direct communication with our subscribers. It's dialogue that we receive on surveys that led us to select a new trade data partner earlier this year, make updates to enhance the user experience and now release this Shipping Calculator. We will continue to ask our clients for their thoughts so that we can better serve their businesses in the future."

The Shipping Calculator allows users to specify items such as quantity, dimensions, weight, and type of box/crates, pallets (LCL/AIR) or containers (FCL). A user can select a point of origin for their shipment and destination and select Get Freight Estimates to see a quote. Estimates can also be shared with colleagues via email.

(Posted on 27 September 2017, 1675921811 3O93O74O25)