DENVER: From lattes to lip gloss, pumpkin season is here, and beer is no exception. Growler USA, a national craft beverage franchise, is encouraging brew lovers across the country to raise a glass of pumpkin beer to celebrate National Pumpkin Beer Day Friday, Sept. 29.
Beer lovers can go to for pumpkin beer facts, ideas for activities and inspiring at-home recipes using pumpkin beer. Check out your local Growler USA page for fall-themed events at your local pub.

Why the reason to celebrate this fall-themed beer holiday? Consider these five ideas:
1.To honor history - Pumpkin beer traces back to the Colonia Era when settlers substituted remote brewing staples with native plants, such as the malty base of a pumpkin. Today there are more than 400 pumpkin beers to choose from, and while modern pumpkin-infused beers may not taste like their predecessors, it's a great way to toast to brewing history.
2.To support the local economy - Buying your favorite local pumpkin craft brew supports local brewers and small business owners, overall strengthening the economic engines of our communities.
3.To aid in consumption - Nearly 2 billion pounds of pumpkin are grown each year in the United States. We carve, bake, and eat pumpkin so of course we should drink it!
4.To be "healthier" - When consumed consciously, pumpkin beer contains a myriad of health benefits, stemming from ingredients that include dietary fibers, vitamin A (which helps form healthy skin, teeth and bones) and tryptophan which is responsible for producing serotonin.
5.To be eco-friendly - Die-hard pumpkin beer fan? Growlers at select locations can be continually refilled with your favorite type of pumpkin beer, making it an environmentally-friendly beverage choice.

"With the excitement of fall in the air, we are excited to put the spotlight on pumpkin beer," said Jessica Salrin, Director of Marketing at Growler USA. "As an advocate for local and regional brewers across the nation, National Pumpkin Beer Day is the perfect reason to celebrate our True to the Brew philosophy."

Growler USA is a microbrew pub dedicated to offering only 100 percent American-made craft beverages and a food menu designed and engineered to celebrate the flavors of each drink. The brand has locations across the country, each offering a variety of regional and nationally recognized beverages, and remains True to the Brew with up to 100 taps of craft beer, hard cider, draught wine, and hand-crafted non-alcoholic beverages such as root beer and kombucha tea.

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