Up Next: Designer Flash Series highlights Christian Siriano
NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 2017 : In conjunction with the launch of Gabriel and Co.'s handsomely redesigned website, we are delighted to focus on the effusive glamour of Christian Siriano in this month's Designer Flash.
"Christian is in love with the idea of women looking like they are starring in their own Hollywood movie," says Hal Rubenstein, Gabriel's Global Style Director, "and what's even lovelier is he believes every woman, regardless of age, size, color, or career choice can have their name of title, so to speak." Siriano's buoyant sense of color and savvy draping as well as his embrace of modern romance in his bridal line makes him a perfect pairing for both Gabriel's Fine Jewelry Everyday collections as well as our singularly beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands.

To bridge the gap between runway fashion and fine jewelry, the Flash series proves vital information in showcasing the idea that fine jewelry can also be every day jewelry. Viewers are invited to see how the Gabriel & Co. collection intertwines with the colorful and romantic clothing Siriano continues to produce season after season. "I'm a big accessories fan, but since so much of my work is embellished you have to scale back to find the right pieces. The new world of simplicity in fine jewelry works with this," states Christian.

The complete Designer Flash Series collection brings designers from all walks of life and style together to showcase Gabriel & Co.'s wide range of offerings. "Each designer-dedicated web page features four parts: a written interview; the designer's selection of five new jewels from Gabriel & Co., along with a statement on each piece; the podcast, which can be viewed and downloaded; and a #GabrielNY section, which highlights each piece that the designers used to style the model in the on-page photos," says Hal Rubenstein, host and Global Style Director.

The interview with Christian Siriano is online now, available at https://www.gabrielny.com/designer-flash-christian-siriano. To listen to Christian Siriano's podcast with Hal download now at https://www.gabrielny.com/designer-flash-hub-christian-siriano.

Check out Gabriel's site later this month for new features like "Which Gabriel Woman are You?" and discover a new way to shop, new pieces to crave, and a fresh and uplifting way for embracing how beautifully unique we believe you are.

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