SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 23, 2017 : WhiteHat Security, the leading application security provider committed to securing digital business, today unveiled WhiteHat Scout, a fully automated static application security testing (SAST) product delivering an industry-leading combination of speed, accuracy and guidance to reinvent the way developers can create secure software.
Scout is the newest addition to the WhiteHat Application Security Platform, a cloud service that allows organizations to bridge the gap between security and development to deliver secure applications at the speed of business.

Development teams are releasing applications faster than ever before in the age of the digital economy. Unfortunately, this also means that software vulnerabilities are being released into the wild more frequently. While developers have tools and processes to perform functional testing early in the development phase, there hasn't been much in terms of tools and services to help developers perform security testing early in the development phase until now.

"To have the most efficient impact on applications in production, security must get closer to developers, so that the developers themselves can scan their code as they are writing it, get fast yet accurate feedback on security flaws in their freshly written code, and fix them, before a ripple effect from these flaws is seen," said Scott Crawford, Research Director for Information Security at 451 Research. "WhiteHat Scout offers developers the ability to automate rapid testing of their code, delivering accurate and actionable results that fit into the developer's workflow and help them embrace security as part of the total quality measure of their code."

With WhiteHat Scout, developers can assess their code in minutes and get private results on flaws found in the code. Scout offers developers personalized feedback and remediation guidance, allowing them to fix code quickly. It achieves this unique blend of speed and accuracy through its use of WhiteHat's Attack Vector Intelligence (AVI) technology. AVI is based on Machine Intelligence that combines WhiteHat's patented correlation engine and 16 years of data on application vulnerabilities and more than 100 million attack vectors verified by the WhiteHat Threat Research Center.

"WhiteHat's guiding vision is a world where everyone lives a safe digital life, but the only way to realize this vision is by making security an essential part of the application development process," said Shivajee Samdarshi, Senior Vice President of Engineering at WhiteHat Security. "Our vision was central to the design and implementation of Scout, and through our AVI technology and features such as personal coaching, we're giving developers the security solution they need to build applications that deliver safe digital experiences."

Features of WhiteHat Scout include:

•Speed: Scans complete in minutes, enabling developers to identify security flaws in code in real time, with no need to wait for results from nightly deep scans to get results.
•Accuracy: For developers, there is no need to squander resources chasing down false positives because Scout delivers real, actionable, results. Further, developers will know instantly if a security flaw that had just been found and corrected was updated successfully.
•Personal Guidance: Drawing on the insights from the WhiteHat Threat Research Center's 16 years of data and analytics, Scout provides real-time guidance and even code examples that enable developers to understand and fix real vulnerabilities.
•Unlimited number of apps and unlimited number of scans: This feature enables developers to scan any number of applications, as many times as they like to offer the option of continuous, iterative feedback.

In celebration of the upcoming National Cyber Security Awareness month in October, WhiteHat Scout is available to developers for a free six-month trial, but only if they sign up between today and October 31, 2017. After that date, free trials of Scout will be limited to 14 days.

WhiteHat Security will be featuring WhiteHat Scout in its booth, #6149, at the JavaOne conference expo, October 2-4, 2017 in San Francisco, Calif.

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