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No Filter Neha: Unapologetic Rishi Kapoor lashes out at directors, actors

New Delhi , September 20 : Famous for his outspoken nature, Rishi Kapoor recently graced Neha Dhupia's podcast, 'No Filter Neha,' as the guest, where didn't hold back from voicing his mind.

When asked about why he doesn't wave out to fans just like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, senior Kapoor responded, "Who will I wave to? My driver? People want to see them, nobody wants to see me. I don't live in a fool's paradise. There are people who want to see them, me they are very gracious that they do it."

"I don't like giving autographs, taking pictures. I don't have the patience and I'll come out and wave to people? You must be joking," he stated.

The 65-year-old actor also sort of blamed directors Anurag Basu and Anurag Kashyap for giving his son, Ranbir Kapoor, two flops despite being amazing directors.

He said, "Anurag? There is Anurag Kashyap, who made Bombay Velvet, but he made a better film in Gangs of Wasseypur, I couldn't understand head or tail of Bombay Velvet."

"Then there is Anurag Basu who made Barfi and I am thankful to him for casting my son Ranbir in it. My son got great recognition because of the movie. But then he made this Gajja Jasoos..Jagga Jasoos. The film was as messy as my pronunciation. He probably just got too much indulged in the movie," he added.

"Both the Anurags got too indulged in their movies. They are capable of making films on a certain budget but then when they are given huge budget it's like bandar ke haath mei khilona ni aa jaata and he goes berserk over it. This is what happened with these guys. It happens with every director, every actor you can't have a hundred percent record anyway.So it happens," Kapoor continued.

Dhupia further questioned him about the too-much-hyped "airport trends" of today's celebrities, to which he replied, "This fashion-conscious generation goes for the 'Chautha' which takes place in an air-conditioned hall. It is an occasion for them to wear their whites and beige clothes and wear dark glasses."

"These actors wear sunglasses to airports even at night, these shameless actors, don't they feel ashamed? I understand that you've had a bad night but it's become a style statement. We're talking about airport look; same has become a chautha look," he noted.

The 'Bobby' star also revealed his intense dislikeness for selfies, saying, "This is a generation where everyone carries a smartphone and everybody wants t take a selfie."

"I just can't take it yaar! I just get very unnerved when someone ask for selfie," he revealed.

The actor also cleared up the air regarding his controversial tweets on Twitter, saying, "I tweet for myself and not for others. People mistake it for a personal comment. I can't be right always."

The father-of two was last seen in romantic-comedy 'Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi' alongside actors Paresh Rawal, Vir Das and Payal Ghosh.

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No Filter Neha: Unapologetic Rishi Kapoor lashes out at directors, actors

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