Mumbai, Sep 20: Hashcove Limited has announced the launch of its mobile app Cove Identity, your safe space online. Cove offers users end-to-end control of their most important documents and their digital identity.
They can effortlessly digitize and securely store digitally-verified copies of their most important documents, and safely share them with whomever they choose. If they are using Cove, their data is as safe and as private as it can be.

There are four important step that the Cove Identity app takes to ensure users have full control of their data even when sharing it with others - 1.User's can easily create secure digital backups of their most important documents. Cove scans and tidies documents and uses text recognition to suggest tags, effortlessly organising the documents.
2.Cove uses the end-to-end-encryption to ensure the user's files are as secure as they can be, even when sharing them
3.In the future, the Cove Network will offer multiple ways for users to verify the existence of their secured documents and the contents within them, making it increasingly likely for 3rd parties to accept these documents as valid.
4.With all their important documents verified and securely stored in their secure wallet, users will be able to easily validate their identity with 3rd parties that are both on the Cove partner network and off it through multiple validation options. Blockchain helps in both the verification and validation processes.
"Your identity is everything that is uniquely important to you and we want to help you manage, control and protect it but also make it work for you," Kunal Nandwani, Co-founder and CEO, Cove Identity.

Cove also helps users maintain control of their privacy online, ensuring on they get to choose who sees their information. Cove uses unbreakable encryption and secure sharing to ensure nobody can see or steal a user's details. The only way to access Cove is through a 6 digit PIN on the user's phone.

Cove Identity is the only app in the market that combines zero-knowledge storage and self-sovereign identity to ensure a user's data and personal identity remain fully protected online.

The Cove identity is available for download today on both Android and iOS.

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