Tuesday, 07 Apr 2020

Congress looks forward to Myanmar leader Suu Kyi's further role in Rohingya issue

New Delhi , September 20 : The Congress on Wednesday said that the silence of Myanmar State Councillor Aung San Suu Kyi on the Rohingya issue had disappointed many people, but now everbody is looking forward for her further role in the further developments in the matter.

"The silence of Aung San Su Kyi on Rohingya issue had disappointed many people. But now, we look forward for her further role in the Rohingya issue," Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit told ANI.

Meanwhile, another party leader Tom Vadakkan said that the international community is worried and extremely conscious of the fact that there has been a huge human rights violation.

"She is investigating the matter before coming to any conclusion. She has asked the military to restrain and to take care of the situation and see that the justice is done. But yes, the world community is worried and extremely conscious of the fact that there has been a huge human rights violation. There is an effort made by the leadership to look into the matter and give justice where it is due," he said.

Suu Kyi yesterday said the country would soon begin a verification process for the return of Rohingya refugees, who had fled the western Rakhine state, in a bid to aid those who wish to return.

"We are concerned about the number of Muslims fleeing to Bangladesh. We are prepared to start the verification process soon," she said, referring to the unprecedented exodus of the Rohingya Muslims to Bangladesh, in a nationally televised address, the first since an army crackdown on the minority community was branded as "ethnic cleansing" by the United Nations.

"It is not the intention of the Myanmar Government to apportion blame or to abdicate responsibility. We condemn all human rights violation and unlawful violence. We are committed to the restoration of peace, stability and rule of law throughout the state," she added.

The de-facto leader of Mynmar further said she felt "deeply" for the suffering of all people caught up in conflict scorching through the Rakhine state, urging the world to see the country as a whole, and not as a "nation divided by religious beliefs."

She said that it was "sad" that the international community was concentrated on one among the country's many problems.

"We don't want Myanmar to be known as a nation divided by religious beliefs or ethnicities. Hate and fear is the main scourge. I believe the real responsibility lies with the people of this country. But we would like our friends to join our endeavour. We will give security to you," the world leader stated.

"Myanmar has invited former U.N. general secretary Dr. Kofi Annan to lead a commission that would help us resolve the long-standing problems in the Rakhine state. We are determined to implement recommendations of the commission. They will bring speedy improvement in the situation within a short frame of time. The government is trying its best to restore the situation to normalcy," Suu Kyi added.

Suu Kyi further said that an action would be taken against anyone, who goes against the law of the land or violates human rights, 'regardless of race or political position.'

(ANI | 3 years ago)