Michigan Startup Brings Innovation and Style to Steve Harvey's Funderdome
ST.CLAIR SHORES, Mich., Sept. 19, 2017 : Meet Brad Alan and Briana Distlerath, Co-Founders of Switcheels INC. This father and daughter team is on the verge of releasing their groundbreaking new technology in the shoe industry.
Launching a product from design to production is a difficult task. This father daughter duo, native to St. Clair Shores, Michigan, has set out to launch a new shoe that will have interchangeable heels. Have you or a loved one ever experienced pain from wearing high heels? Switcheels has the solution!

Women are constantly struggling to make high heels more comfortable. Currently, women must resort to carrying a second pair of shoes with them with little to no solutions on the market to relieve high heel shoe pain. Brad Alan developed Switcheels technology so that women can easily switch out a high heel for a flat heel without ever removing their foot from their shoe.

Switcheels will offer 3 shoes in 1 to consumers at an affordable price. The technology in the shoes is patent pending. Currently, Switcheels INC is testing different manufacturing companies and shoe designers to bring this product to market.

To help support this father -daughter team, tune in Sunday September 17th at 9:00PM/10:00PM EST/PST on ABC and watch Switcheels compete on Steve Harvey's Funderdome.

You can show your support by visiting https://kickizer.com/switcheels and sign up for your chance to win a pair of Switcheels or a $25 Visa gift card!

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