New Delhi , Sep 19 : The auspicious time of Navratri is significant for celebrating new beginnings, making investments and enjoying the festivities through traditional song and dance.
With the festival just around the corner, shimmer and shine through the nine-day celebration with intricately designed Navrang Collection by - World's Largest Virtual Jewellery Mall.

An exquisite new range of diamond and gemstone jewellery, Navrang Collection is inspired by nine favourite colours of Maa Durga. The collection is an assortment of pendants, ensembles, cocktail rings, necklaces, bangles and earrings and is an attempt to turn nature's treasures into beautiful jewels capturing the delicacy of colours in 18kt white, yellow and pink gold.

Talking about the collection, Director at Birla Golds and Precious Metals Ltd - Nikita Rattanshi, said "Jewellery is an integral part of every woman's wardrobe. It is a reflective of your personality and must compliment the grandeur of the ensemble and occasion. Adding to the festivity starting from Navratari, we have crafted pieces that the women will enjoy wearing and cherish all their life."

She further added, "Navratri is a start of one of the golden seasons for jewelers across country as purchase of Gold, Diamond and Platinum jewellery reaches optimal level in this season. The consumer confidence is improving and the buying mood is buoyant right now."

While many select a new outfit for each day, they have to stick with limited jewellery options for the season. However, this time around they can mix-and-match their traditional dresses with the Navrang collection.

With Navratri arriving soon, the catalogue has been expanded to include pieces for this celebratory season. The range includes jewellery with gemstones representing each day of the festival.

So, women can pick something to represent each day and then mix it up with their outfits for the day. For those seeking the classic collection, will see timeless jewellery pieces with modern-day cuts and designs.

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