Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

Collaborative Photo Gallery Startup Sees Surge of Traffic During Hurricane

ROSEVILLE, Calif., Sept. 18, 2017 : DropEvent, a collaborative photo gallery web startup, saw a huge spike in traffic this week when the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office used it to gather photos from their officers as they surveyed the impact of Hurricane Irma in their area.

DropEvent's service allows groups of people to share their photos in one gallery and has been used to gather photos from weddings, school outings and business events. According to Founder Jeremy Noonan, this is the first time it was used to document a natural disaster. Photos can be uploaded through the website or emailed to an event's unique address which allows updating the gallery from anywhere. "The slideshow will update automatically as photos come in, so people were watching as the officers were documenting what they were seeing right from their patrol cars. It was exciting and terrifying to see the power of this hurricane as it hit Hilton Head Island and the surrounding areas."

Based out of Roseville, California, the startup was surprised to find its service involved in the hurricane coverage on the other side of the country. "You build a product to solve a certain problem you have, but it's amazing to see how it can help so many other people with different needs. I've reached out to the Sheriff's department to find out how we could make it even better for them in the future."

DropEvent plans to keep growing their service and hopes more groups find innovative uses for their collaborative photo gallery. "It's all about people sharing their photos together and commemorating the important moments in their lives."

(PRN | 2 years ago)