BOSTON, Sept. 18, 2017 : Tekscan is pleased to announce the launch of Footprint Plus, the latest digital footprint technology for footwear retailers and manufacturers.
Using Tekscan's foot mapping technology, which has been successfully implemented in Bayer's Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit Kiosk for many years, Footprint Plus helps retailers connect a customer's footprint with their contact information for an engaging experience unlike any other. The system uses interactive tablet-based software and the wireless Footprint Plus pressure measurement mat.

Digital footprint technology helps to create an educational and personalized selling process, where the customer can see how their specific insole needs can be addressed in less than a minute. Footprint Plus is an ideal solution for any size footwear or footwear accessory retailer interested in engaging customers with technology. Educate customers about their arch type, areas of high pressure on their feet and their walking pattern, all while building your customer's trust.

By capturing customer contact information, retailers can enhance their marketing database through custom CRM integration. This allows retailers to create more targeted campaigns to improve customer loyalty and foster lasting relationships with their brand. Retailers can continue to engage with their customers even when they are not in the store; for example retailers might choose to send out electronic coupons for upcoming promotions or reminders when it's time to purchase new shoes or insoles.

Retail store owners are responding to the flexibility of the system with no requirement to sell specific brands of shoes, insole or orthotics. Retailers can work directly with Tekscan to customize the system according to their corporate branding or goals. The mat can be customized to include logos or other branding elements. Software can also be customized to include anything from logo incorporation, to custom product recommendations, to back-end system integration. No level of customization is too big or too small for Tekscan's hardware and software engineers.

"We are really excited about Footprint Plus," said Peter Gantchev, Senior Product Manager at Tekscan, "Brick and mortar retailers are facing the challenge of differentiating themselves against online retailers and challenged with creating a unique in-store shopping experience for their customers. Footprint Plus presents the opportunity for a creative solution to engage and educate customers during the purchasing process all while driving success for the retail outlets."

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