SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 14, 2017 : One Click Retail, a market leader in eCommerce data measurement, sales analytics and search optimization, has just published their report aimed at brand manufacturers selling on Amazon this holiday season.
Using data collected from Amazon's top first-party sellers, the report outlines the 4 Ps of a successful holiday eCommerce plan: Products, Price, Promotions and Placement.

Holiday shopping will begin soon, and the impact for online retail is expected to be record-breaking. One Click Retail urges brands to have their holiday strategies ready no later than October 1st.

"Amazon is achieving outsized growth with 16% YoY increase overall and December alone accounted for 45% of total sales," said Spencer Millerberg, One Click Retail's CEO. "More exciting, however, is that we're also seeing massive scale AND growth, with many top 100 manufacturers now reporting 10-30% of their total sales coming directly from Amazon. Our forecasts indicate Amazon will continue on this trajectory and remain one of the best channels for manufacturers this 2017 holiday season."

The report looks at where brands need to focus their strategy:


It is critical brands upload any new assortment before the end of September to allow Amazon's search algorithm to index the product, gather history of customer searches, and appropriately place it within search results. That process typically takes 30-60 days.


Amazon's advanced price-matching system means brands must consider market-wide pricing and individual retailer discounts. Brands can offer unique product features, bundles, etc. by retailer that will make it harder for Amazon's systems to match and multiply pricing by unit.


Promotions have always been a major contributor to holiday sales, and manufacturers can learn from last year to push their promotions even harder. Data from One Click Retail's 2016 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Recap report indicates that:
1.Timing matters: Product groups (like Home Entertainment -42%, and Video Games -47%) with online deals on Cyber Monday saw declines in 2016 Black Friday YoY sales. Brands with online deals on Black Friday saw their YoY sales jump, such as Toys (+26%) and Kitchen (+46%).
2.Discount matters: While many of the deals offered on Black Friday were in the 20-30% range, items discounted between 40% and 50% sold the most units.


With 9 out of 10 Amazon purchases starting with search, brands must search optimize their products if they want customers to find them. One Click Retail's 2016 Holiday Recap found that the top 5 product groups that "eComm SEO-ed" their content experienced high YoY change.

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