Monday, 30 Mar 2020

OnePlace Solutions Launches add-in for Microsoft Outlook on Android

SYDNEY, Sept. 12, 2017 : OnePlace Solutions has launched a new add-in for Microsoft Outlook on Android that enables Android users to seamlessly connect Outlook to Microsoft SharePoint.

Users have the ability to save emails, attachments and capture email metadata to SharePoint. This extends OnePlace Solutions' existing add-in available for Outlook on iOS, web, Windows and Mac. The Outlook add-in is available globally and can be downloaded from the Office Store or Microsoft AppSource.

James Fox, CEO of OnePlace Solutions commented, "Adding Android support complements the OnePlaceMail Outlook for iOS launch earlier this year and extends our vision of bringing Microsoft SharePoint to where you work. With OnePlaceMail now working across Microsoft Outlook on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Outlook on the web, users can have a consistent Outlook experience across all devices."

Whether users are on the train or grabbing a coffee, they can now save to SharePoint without leaving the familiar environment of Outlook. OnePlaceMail improves collaboration, business productivity and records management across organizations by allowing its users to work anywhere.

OnePlace Solutions is a global software company whose suite of products minimize change for users, bringing Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 to where the user works for greater engagement and adoption.

(PRN | 3 years ago)