SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 11, 2017 : Postmates, the only on-demand platform that can deliver anything from anywhere, announced today that it has expanded its USD 9.99 per month Unlimited subscription service to offer customers free delivery from any merchant on the platform - a network of more than 250,000 merchants in the U.S.
In addition, for customers who are not yet Postmates Unlimited subscribers, the company is introducing new flat, nationwide pricing of $3.99 for delivery - with no service fees, from any of our 12,000 in-network Partner merchants.

"As the originators of on-demand 'anything' and with more than 2.5 million deliveries every month, Postmates has built a loyal following who see our service not just as an app, but as a way of life," said Kristin Schaefer, SVP of Strategy & Finance. "With a couple orders a month, the new Postmates Unlimited pays for itself and offers an unbeatable value for customers. And by introducing lower pricing, we hope to introduce even more people to our service and make Postmates a verb - for everyone, everywhere."

Originally launched as a loyalty pilot program in April 2016, Postmates Unlimited offered customers free delivery from Postmates' network of Partner merchants. On average, once people become Unlimited subscribers, they order 50 percent more from the platform than they did previously.

"With the largest network of merchants of any on-demand delivery platform and with an average delivery time of 35 minutes or less, Postmates Unlimited customers have a one-stop shop for all their on-demand needs - from beers for game day, to sushi from Sugarfish for date night, to cold medicine at 1am," added Schaefer. "We've already seen tremendous growth in our subscriber program over the past year, adding about 50,000 subscribers per month organically. For us this is about building more value for customers over a lifetime - and offering a service that no other company in this space can."

Postmates Unlimited Benefits
•For $9.99 a month, all orders, from all restaurants and stores, have no delivery charge (with a minimum basket size over $20).
•This means customers can now get free delivery from any of the platform's more than 250,000 merchants - from Pink Dot, Apple and Walgreen's to Tender Greens, Starbucks and Chipotle.
•The new Unlimited offers unbeatable value. If a customer orders more than three times per month, the subscription pays for itself.
•Unlimited orders never experience surge pricing, even at the busiest times on the platform.

New Pricing
•In-network Partners: Delivery fee is $3.99 with no service fees. We've removed service fees from all in-network orders.
•Out of network merchants: Delivery fee is $5.99 (with a variable service fee, capped at $20). Out of network deliveries are no longer priced based on distance.

Postmates continues to grow its fleet, market reach and revenues. The Company has the largest on-demand delivery fleet in the U.S. of +100,000 Postmates, who operate in +200 cities and provide access to +250,000 merchants. The business now completes 2.5 million deliveries a month and is on track to sell $1 Billion in goods on the platform in 2017. As the originators of on-demand 'anything,' Postmates gives customers access to merchants that were previously inaccessible online. Postmates has helped create an alternative infrastructure for local businesses to better compete against retail goliaths.

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