New Directions Behavioral Health Shares Resources to Prevent Suicide
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Sept. 10, 2017 : Every day in America, 117 people die by suicide and more than 225 people seriously consider it. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for teenagers and the 10th leading cause of death for people of all ages, yet it is entirely preventable.*
To raise awareness about the warning signs and offer help to those with suicidal thoughts and feelings, New Directions Behavioral Health developed online resources, including:
•Suicide Warning Signs + How to Help Others
•What Employers Can Do to Prevent Suicide
•Facts About Suicide

To view and download New Directions' Suicide Prevention Resources, visit

"Talking about suicide is hard, but silence is its ally," says Dr. Aron Halfin, chief medical officer of New Directions. "We need to talk about suicide and how to prevent it the same way we talk about cancer and how to prevent it. During Suicide Awareness Month, we want to especially remind employers, individuals and health care professionals how important it is to recognize suicide warning signs and connect and communicate with those you're concerned about. Just because people don't ask for help doesn't mean they don't want help," added Dr. Halfin.

With suicide rising to the highest levels in nearly 30 years, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, and more than 55 percent of Americans impacted by suicide in some way, it's critical that everyone does their part to raise awareness and stop suicide.

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