CHICAGO, Sept. 10, 2017 : Private Vista, an evolved wealth management firm with locations in Chicago and Hinsdale, has brought a fifth partner to the team. Doug Brown, of The Advisors Group of Chicago, has merged his practice with Private Vista.
Doug's approach of helping clients develop a plan for achieving bigger life goals made for a natural fit, says Jim Weil, partner at Private Vista.

Private Vista not only strives to be one of the top independent wealth management firms in the Chicago area, but also to differentiate itself in a very homogeneous industry. Typically, wealth management firms only want to know the numbers so they can create a plan to get their clients to the finish line. To the Private Vista team, there was an untapped area of opportunity - the space where the life decisions and financials intersect.

Private Vista takes a different approach that focuses on looking at both the financial goals and the life goals, and then aligning the two. By working with clients to develop a unique definition of their Private Vista - how they envision themselves living an enriched and fulfilling life - they help clients achieve those goals.

We truly care about our clients and take the time to get to know them so we can provide them with the highest level of service, says Brown. By bridging the gap between life goals and financial decisions, he adds, we're able to serve our clients in a way other firms cannot.

Private Vista's combined households now reaches almost 900 and manages approximately $1.5 billion in assets after the merger with Doug's group, with clients around the Chicagoland area and across the continental U.S. The firm has 35 wealth management professionals and staff who offer clients a wide range of financial services as well as an insightful journey into what makes their lives meaningful.

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